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7 Secrets that Calm People Know

7 Secrets that Calm People Know

Stories about calming your tensed nerves keep surfacing every now-and-then. And the key to a calmer mind is mostly found in yoga and other related practices. However, there are some less-known ways which can help you calm your nerves down.
  • The Little-Known Tricks

    We often come across hundreds of stories about people who have achieved control over stress and usually, it is through yoga or meditation. Both these habits have been proven to calm human beings. However, there are some simpler and less-endorsed ways in which one can be calmer. Here is a list of such ways.

    The Little-Known Tricks
  • Not Sleeping with the Cell Phone

    It has been claimed by sleep experts that lights emitted from gadgets and the constant urge to check emails and messages can have serious impact on your sleep, leaving you frowning and irritable. So look for an alarm clock and put your phone on charge somewhere else.

    Not Sleeping with the Cell Phone
  • Warm your Hands to Calm Nerves

    In a study from Yale, it was seen that wrapping hands around something warm, like a cup of tea or coffee, can boost the feeling of calmness and well-being. When your hands receive warmth, they send signals to your brain that you are in a safe and comfortable place which relaxes your tensed nerves, suggests the study.

    Warm your Hands to Calm Nerves
  • Smelling Roses or Sandalwood

    A research from Korea suggested that scents emitted from sandalwood, peppermint and sage can relieve anxiety to a large extent. So, now we know why Titanic fame actor, Leonardo DiCaprio purchased an apartment worth $10 million which features an aromatherapy-infused air circulation system. That was smart, Leo!

    Smelling Roses or Sandalwood
  • Taking a Ride in Nature

    Exercise can reduce stress and this fact has been backed up by many studies, one of them being a research from Harvard Medical School. To top it all, another theory supported by science is that adding a little tinge of nature into your workout can keep you calmer. So, it is for this reason why the first lady, Michelle Obama, has been heard telling people at a press conference that she prefers to hop on her bike to take a stress-lowering ride, preferably along the Lake Michigan.

    Taking a Ride in Nature
  • Call a Friend

    Your cell phone can do a lot more than just emitting harmful radiations. It can help you keep closer to people who matter. When you speak to a friend, it increases your sense of social stability and belonging, making you feel more confident and calm even when everything around you does not seem to fall in place, suggests a study from the journal Communication Research.

    Call a Friend
  • Making Weird Sounds

    When in stress, we usually clench our jaws or grit our teeth. This is because both these actions trigger the release of the stress hormone cortisol, suggests a research. But, a research from Cambridge University has also suggested that making a motorboat sound from your mouth can relax the tension in your jaw and throughout the body.

    Making Weird Sounds
  • Organize the Clutter

    A study from Princeton University shows that removing clutter or organizing your living place can enhance your sense of calm and order. The researchers at the Princeton said that a cluttered visual field creates competition in the brain’s neural networks, increasing the feeling of stress. However, organizing the mess can relieve tension.

    Organize the Clutter


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